Employment Opportunities

Mission: To Cultivate the Greatest Potential within
Every Person

Montessori House for Children & Elementary School seeks shining spirits who believe guiding children is the highest expression of hope for humanity.

Personal Qualifications:

  • Optimism and Energy
  • Shared Eagerness to Grow and Develop
  • Self-motivated, ability to work independently and within a team

Professional Qualifications:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Responsible, Resourceful, Reliable, Respectful
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent

What Montessori House for Children and Elementary School can offer you:

  • Warm, supportive, and professional work environment
  • Opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children, our future leaders
  • The compensation package includes:
    • Paid Holidays & Professional Development
    • College Tuition Assistance & Career Progression Planning
    • IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Employer Match Program

Interested in joining our team? Send application and resume to [email protected]

What our employees value most, is the quality of the people they work with! 

We are committed to Authentic Montessori Education and therefore seek individuals who have an open mindset, an eagerness to learn, and a natural appreciation for the unique personalities that make up our world. 

Our philosophy is founded upon individualized, experiential and inquiry-based learning.  Essentially, the process of learning is our primary focus and how each students’ greatest potential is recognized and achieved.   

We practice a progressive approach to learning, where knowledge is obtained through the student’s use of materials and a personal process of discovery.  This is very different from mainstream, teacher-directed instruction,  which centers on test prep and memorization of ‘correct answers’. 

We seek professional, career-minded individuals, who understand the needs of the 21st Century learner and are ready to be coached to implement a transformative educational experience!

Our school has a well-established culture, comprised of respectful, compassionate, and supportive individuals.  Through collaboration and mentorship, we work together harmoniously, towards our common goal: To passionately deliver exceptional learning opportunities for students and staff.

We are proud to have a community of staff who feel they are part of one big, happy family!