Parent Association of Volunteers

The Parent Association of Volunteers (PAV) is made up of parents, guardian, and administrators who function as the backbone of our volunteer force and help our school to fulfill its mission and create a sense of community. Officers are elected on an annual basis.

The volunteer force is essential to enriching the community life of the school. What one person can’t do, many can and it’s a great way to meet and to connect with other parents. Also, research provides evidence that children benefit from parental involvement in school. Not only in the area of academics (motivation, engagement, performance), but also with mental health (resilience and self-esteem) and social functioning (developing relationships). Knowing that the biggest obstacle for parents is time, we have structured events and meetings to coincide with childcare or involve the entire family.

The PAV works as a volunteer body to organize events and support the activities of the school. Our 3 main goals are:

  • Community Building
  • Social/ Special Events
  • Community Outreach/ Benefits (includes fundraising)

The PAV meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 8:30-9:30 am (following drive through).

  • Attend PAV meetings
  • Attend PAV parent coffees
  • Attend PAV school events
  • Volunteer for PAV-sponsored events
  • Connect through BLOOMZ
  • Attend parent enrichment opportunities
  • Sign up to volunteer in your child’s classroom:
        • Room parent
        • Cultural celebration
        • Parent readers
        • Garden day

They serve as representatives of their classroom in the PAV and offer assistance to the teachers with: seasonal projects, cultural and special events, welcoming class parents, organizing classroom meetups, classroom holiday gifts and teacher appreciation day. There are other opportunities to volunteer in the classroom, such as listening/reading, library, special activities, etc.

the pav depends on you!

The PAV is successful when our parents are actively participating in our activities and events. We strive to have 100% of our parents attending our activities and volunteering at the school. The school is indebted to volunteers for their continuing support and involvement.