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From Grace B. (Parent of Toddler and Early Childhood students)

My husband and I specifically sought an “authentic” Montessori education for our children, and upon touring, I was immediately moved and impressed with MHFC. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I observed a toddler classroom as was taken back with 2-year olds walking around in their potty training pants, working calmly and independently with wooden materials. The tiny little chairs and tables, the practical do-it-yourself dishwashing sink station, the pet singing bird in the classroom, the dim lighting, the peaceful outdoor gardens and playground, the soft and hushed voices of the teachers were all intentional and instructional. I thought it was an ingenious solution.

When it came to snack time, all the children got seated at one big rectangular table. The children sat down and used a spoon to crack hard boiled eggs, like gentlemen and gentlewomen in the making. They proceeded to peel the shells off on their own, without frustration. I was struck by two teachers who sat beside them and ate together. They were modeling how to behave and eat at mealtime. In all the classrooms I visited, there was a sense of order and peace. There was a mutual respect between student and guide(s), and the child-centered approach resonated with me. I was moved to tears while watching the happy and confident children. I wished that I had the opportunity to go to such a school when I was a child, and I wanted my children to attend this school.

In 2013, there was a long waiting list for the toddler program, and I called every few months to find out what movement, if any, there was on the list. In addition to a safe, nurturing and excellent early education, what we wanted at the end of the day was an environment where our children would develop a healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. I asked Barbara and Pam (Head of School and Owner) how could the school help my children achieve this? They responded that children learn by doing. What was deciding factor for us? That the teachers instill the habits that form a lifelong love of learning.

My son completed the 3-year cycle of the Early Childhood program. Those formative years are bearing fruit. He is a child that knows he has the ability to do anything he sets his mind to. He is curious about the whole world we live in – cultures, languages, the natural world, the issues of the day, and so on. He wants to travel beyond the planets and the start. He asks questions like, “Why do the sun and moon seem to follow us?” He wants to know how things are built. He is athletic. He is artistic. He is sensitive. And he is happy. When asked what he wants to do when he grows up, his response is to be an adventurer, an athlete, and an artist. I can’t wait to observe how he will live out his passions.

The day I toured, I filled out two applications. One for my 2-year-old son, and another for my daughter who was on the way. When she became of age, she was fortunate to begin in the toddler program that I loved. Some say the personality is set by 3-years old. So far, she has proven to be very social, strong and independent. She knows what she wants. She knows her boundaries, what she likes and doesn’t like. The world is her oyster, and it will be ingrained in her that she can be anything and do anything she wants when she grows up.

Montessori House for Children has exceeded our expectations. Not only does it offer an excellent early education in regards to academics, but more importantly, the teachers and the curriculum have nourished my children’s heart and souls, and we believe focuses on and educates the whole child.

From Badrish K. (Parent of  Toddler and Early Childhood student)

Our daughter has been with Montessori House for Children (MHFC) for around 18 months. She previously was at a daycare and started off at MHFC in the Early Childhood program. At MHFC, we noticed 3 distinct changes in her:

1. Ability to interact with children of all age groups, and from diverse backgrounds – One of the biggest changes we noticed in our daughter, was her ability to engage with other children of varying ages and children from different cultures. She discusses more advanced topics with children several years older than her and seeks to learn new things from them. At the same time, she enjoys teaching younger children what she has learned in class. Her classroom environment – mixing children of varying ages, the diverse cultures children came from, and fostering interaction between the children – was a big factor in developing this trait in her. In our increasingly “flat world,” it is important to be able to communicate with and work with team members having diverse backgrounds and experiences.

2. Independent thinking – MHFC truly embodies the Montessori practice of nurturing each child’s curiosity and creativity. In her classroom, our daughter is encouraged to pick by herself the activities she wants to dive into each day, be it math or reading or nature study. Further, she is given plenty of time to immerse in the activity, and learn the fundamental principles, instead of memorization. We’ve noticed that she’s now more eager to figure out how things she see’s around her in everyday life, work. And she takes the initiative to think independently and figure out, instead of relying on adults for immediate answers.

3. Adapting to a variety of languages – One of the several things we love about MHFC is the practice of teachers speaking to children, outside of regular schoolwork hours, in their native languages. every now and then. Through this informal means of communication, our daughter picked up interest in 2 additional languages besides English. She reels off a few phrases, or sings verses of rhymes, or counts from 1-20 in these languages, all by herself, with no formal teaching, and just through exposure.

While the above highlight a few key changes we’ve noticed in our daughter, these are several positive influences the school has brought about in her. Most importantly, both she, and we as parents, view MHFC – including the teachers, administrators, staff, other parents and their children – as an extended family/community that we enjoy being a part of, and hanging out with.