Our Community


We toddlers believe if we can reach it we can do it!  Our Montessori classroom has everything we need and want at our level.  We set our table for lunch, eat together, wash our dishes, water plants, learn big words (we hear the dinosaurs’ full proper names) and multiple languages.  We love to play outside and watch the butterflies and birds.  Being small in size, we are already close to the earth and it’s even better if we can get into the earth, dig for worms, plant flowers, play in the sand, feel the wind, hear the sounds of nature and and look for bugs!  We can’t get enough of nature!  We often take our snacks and lunch outside to eat at the picnic table.  We want to do everything all at once, without interruption, thank you!

Early Childhood

Some of us have been in Montessori House since we were toddlers; some of us are starting school for the first time. We can’t believe our eyes when we first walk into our classroom.  We’re in the big world now, we see golden math beads, puzzles with animal parts, maps and flags from all over the world. We can even create our own maps.  We listen to music while we work and we can stay working until we are finished (or need to stop for lunch or going outside).  If we stop our work, our friends will respect our work space while we are away from it.  They know our name and they will not disturb our work rug or table.    It’s safe here. I am in a classroom with older kids and I can see what they are doing.  I know what is ahead and I will get there too, one day.  The older students help me if I need it. We practice doing kind things for others.  If we argue or think something is unfair, we meet together at a peace table or in a community circle and we talk about it.  People listen to me and I learn to listen to them.  Finally, I am ready for my Leadership Year.  I now get to teach others what I’ve learned.

Elementary, 1st through 6th grade

We are curious kids that never stop learning!  We love asking tough questions, and we seek to understand all that we find fascinating within our world.  We enjoy the freedom of being able to work by ourselves or in collaboration with others! We are a community of self-directed learners, working to improve ourselves and the impact we have on our community.   

Our classroom is taught in English and Spanish, and we hold great respect for the many cultures that make our society.  We love working in our ‘Handwork Studio’ with lots of space to be creative! Here, we enjoy art, music, crafts, woodwork, sewing, and cooking!  We also get to spend generous amounts of time outdoors – having lunch, enjoying nature, exercising, and dancing to the beat of our drums! 

Our Montessori classroom provides the perfect ‘real world’ setting for developing strong moral conscious and social understanding!  We learn how to regulate emotions and work through difficult situations effectively. We are confident, capable, and purpose-driven students who possess skills that are essential for personal fulfillment and future success. 

When our students interact with community members outside of the School (class outings and community service events), they receive compliments for their recognizable differences!  

Qualities, which are often under emphasized and undervalued in mainstream educational settings, include: 

Socially Mature

Team Player
Positive Leader
Culturally Aware & Appreciative
and not afraid to Learn!

Creative Thinker
Environmentally Conscious