FAQs about Admissions

The admission process usually starts with questions—lots of them. In addition to the answers you’ll find here, we encourage you to call us to schedule a tour, where you can meet with one of our staff and have all of your questions answered.

Applications are accepted year-round.

Applicants are placed into a waiting pool through the process of admissions.  Admission decisions are made on the basis of applicants’ readiness for school and potential for success in a Montessori classroom.  It is equally important to understand parents’ educational philosophy and goals, to determine compatibility  with that of the School.  Acceptance is not on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Upon acceptance, parents are notified of either a start date or waiting pool status, based on expected classroom availability.

1 Adult to 6 Toddlers, 1 Adult to 15 Early Childhood (3-6 yrs), 1 Adult to 15 Elementary (6-12yrs).

All of our programs are  5-days a week, consistent with Montessori philosophy, in which students feel ownership of their learning environment and a strong sense of belonging.

“Kindergarten” is a term used in conventional educational systems.   In Montessori, a student’s final year in the Early Childhood program (age 5 by Sept. 1), serves as their most beneficial year and is commonly referred to as the “leadership year”.

During this year, a strong sense of accomplishment emerges, stemming from increased responsibility, meaningful academic experiences  and refined social and emotional understanding.

Yes, we always reserve space in our EC classrooms for currently enrolled students.

Nutritious breakfasts and snacks are provided.  Lunch may either be purchased through a lunch catering company or brought from home.  The catered lunch program is separate from tuition and handled directly through the provider.

Montessori programs are available from birth through high school.  Each community or “level”  is designed around a 3-year multi-age span: Infant-Toddler, Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and so on.   The most ideal time to join is at the start of the three-year cycle.

At our school, our youngest community is the Toddler Community in which we accept children as young as 16 months of age.  Joining the Toddler Community at a younger age allows a child to experience the full benefit of the Toddler Community and to gain the confidence and independence needed to thrive within our Early Childhood Community.

Within the Early Childhood Community, age three is the ideal age to begin.  By the end of their final year in Early Childhood (age 6), they have constructed a framework of academic and social understanding which prepares them to join our Elementary Community.

Children who are applying for the toddler classroom and between the ages of 2.5 – 3 are considered on a case by case basis. First, it depends on the age of the youngest child in the classroom (cannot exceed 18 mo. age difference) and second, it depends on the child (his/her prior experience and ability to easily adjust). Most often, it is best to wait until the almost-three-year-old is independently toileting and can join a class with older children who serve as role models.

Our Schools are open year-round.  The academic term is mid-August through May.  Summer programs are offered June through mid-August.

The school is closed 1 week prior to the start of school and 2 weeks during winter break.

The academic term is Mid-August through the end of May. Summer programs are offered June through Mid-August.

When a student appears to be showing signs of illness, parents are contacted as a precautionary measure. Children sent home due to fever or vomiting/diarrhea must be symptom-free and without the need for fever-reducing medicine for 24 hrs. before returning to school. Students who have been medically diagnosed with illness must have a doctor’s authorization to return to school.

Still have questions?  Feel free to call us at 281-239-3400 and we’ll be happy to assist you!