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Garages as Genius Percolators

Allowing your child to tinker with unusual materials can lead to extraordinary growth and invention.

Companies Founded in a Garage
Who would guess that a garage would be the starting point for business start-ups and inventions?  Did you know the following companies started in garages:  Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Lotus Cars, Maglite, Mattel and Yankee Candle Company?

What is it about a garage that invites invention, free thinking, tinkering, exploration and innovation?  For your answer, take a look at your own garage.  This time look at it through the eyes of a young person who has the perspective to look at things as they might be, not just as they are.

The Value of Daydreaming and Tinkering
Young people daydream more, look at things through their own ‘viewers’ and are capable of dismantling and re-engineering in a variety of ways, often leading to entirely new designs.  If you have a child at home, the best way to encourage their latent gift of invention is to allow access and time to explore and use safe, interesting and unusual materials in a space that can be dedicated to working without interruption and without usurping common family space.  No to a kitchen table, YES to a garage.

A Case Study on Tinkering
In case you think a child is too young to be capable of making world changing inventions, let me introduce you to Taylor Wilson.  At 10 years old, Taylor invented a nuclear fusion reactor in his parents’ garage.  If you’d like to know more about him, “Google” him and check out the TED talk through this link:


We believe it is vitally important for all young people to have a tinker space and materials to make things that have not yet been created.  Parents, you can provide space, recycled materials and scraps while waiting for the nuclear fusion reactor to be built at your house.

Stay Wise!

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