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Montessori House for Children and Elementary School proudly serves families in the Fulshear area. We offer continuous Montessori education for toddlers through elementary. Our stress-free learning environment develops students who seek to connect with a diverse world. Learn what Montessori means to our students in the video above. 

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Our Montessori School Fulshear Parents

Montessori School Fulshear Programing

At MHFC, we understand that a child’s early years of education are the most impactful in brain development. Parents looking for their child’s first daycare seek clean, dependable, safe, and nurturing environments. Our goal is to equip our youngest children in Fulshear to exit the toddler community with confidence, independence, and respect so they can confidently enter their next stage. The Early Childhood Community at MHFC continues their education and development in ages 3-6 years, laying foundations for social, emotional, and academic learning. This organically prepares them for their elementary years.

Children gain both intellectual and social development in a collaborative learning environment through our Montessori House Elementary School. Elementary-age students interact with our curriculum and Montessori hands-on learning through research, peer mentoring, and community involvement. 

We offer a distinctive online school for MHFC and Elementary School students. Our distance learning Montessori program thoughtfully balances the logistics of an online school with the intentional Montessori Method on which our school was founded. Enjoy Montessori learning Fulshear children can attend from their own home through our distance learning Montessori program.

Children are proven to easily acquire new languages when exposed early on in life. Our dual-language programs enhance our Montessori approach amongst all age groups. We strive to offer a dual-language Montessori education that exposes Fulshear children to multiple languages.

Our afterschool enrichment programs are aligned with our Montessori values. This approach recognizes the individual interests and talents of Fulshear children while fostering self-motivation and spontaneous curiosity.  Enrichment programs expand whole-child development through physical, artistic, language, and environmental programs.

Summer in Fulshear Texas is always a blast! Our Fulshear MHFC summer camp offers summer activities for your children that emphasize culture. We offer these summer camp opportunities to our early childhood and elementary-age children. Don’t miss our new toddler summer option.

Is the Montessori Approach right for your child?

Your Montessori School Fulshear Solution

Multi-age Classrooms

Our programming offers a Montessori multi-age classroom spanning 3+ years. Multiage classrooms allow Montessori School Fulshear students freedom to learn at their own pace and learn from others. This creates natural opportunities for leadership and collaborative learning.

Art and Science Integrated Into Curriculum

Integrated education allows Fulshear children to explore topics within a meaningful context. Our curriculum provides an interconnected view of the world, encouraging student curiosity.

Extensive Garden Program and Outdoor Classrooms

We encourage Fulshear children and families to get their hands dirty and interact with nature. MHFC and Elementary School places great emphasis on nature and nature education.

Culturally Rich and Diverse Community

At MHFC and Elementary School, we celebrate the diversity of our Fulshear community! Students learn about many different cultures and acknowledge their histories/traditions.

Healthy Lunches and Snacks

We care about the health and well-being of our Fulshear students, as well as their learning. Students develop healthy eating habits often from what they harvest from school gardens.

Strong Family and Community Connections

Building our Montessori community is central to our mission. We provide Fulshear families with opportunities to connect! Events include parent coffees, community meet-ups, picnics, pancake brunches, and more.

Accreditation for The Montessori School Fulshear

Montessori School Richmond MACTE Recognition


MACTE was granted initial recognition by the U.S. Department of Education in 1995. It is a widely recognized Montessori accreditation body accrediting our Fulshear learning guides.

Montessori School Richmond AMS Pathway

American Montessori Society

AMS offers a pathway to continuous school improvement. Our participation demonstrates a commitment to meeting and upholding quality standards within a Montessori program. MHFC and Elementary School require all lead guides to hold Montessori credentials for the level(s) we teach placing us on step 6 of the esteemed AMS Pathway.

Montessori School Richmond Eco-Schools Logo


Eco-Schools accredits schools on a global scale past the Fulshear area. Their goal (and ours) is to engage students in action-based learning that inspires them to live sustainably outside of the classroom.