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Montessori House for Children and Elementary School provides a learning environment in Katy, Texas that recognizes a child’s individual interests and approaches to learning. Our commitment to the Montessori method distinguishes MHFC and Elementary School as a leader amongst your Katy Montessori school options. The Montessori experience is dedicated to the development of the whole child – intellectual, emotional, social, and physical.


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Our Montessori School Katy Parents

Montessori School Katy Programing

Through avid participation in the toddler and early childhood programs, children have been known to acquire independent learning abilities and reveal signs of advanced emotional and social intelligence. When choosing your child’s educational setting, consider more than just daycare, imagine an environment where so much more is possible. Here at MHFC in Katy, we encourage a joy of learning and a profound cultural understanding from a young age. Students finishing our early childhood program are very well prepared for the elementary years and have already laid a foundation for exploring what they love and what they are good at doing.

Our Montessori Elementary School uses unique approaches to learning that involve children working individually, as well as collaboratively in order to develop their social and academic skills. Through an activity-based curriculum, children in Katy are able to use their imagination and engage in the act of experiential learning.

MHFC and Elementary School offers safe distance learning programs for all ages. Our programming structurally provides an engaging, yet challenging curriculum to students in an effective, convenient way. This online school approach maintains the core principle of active learning by ensuring students maintain a well-balanced life on and off-screen.

Our Dual-Language Program enhances children’s learning experience by offering exposure to multiple languages with emphasis on Spanish. By starting young, children are more adept at picking up and maintaining secondary languages. This program provides Katy children with a keen sense of cultural understanding.

MHFC and Elementary School offers high-quality afterschool enrichment programs Katy students love. Students are able to participate in affordable after-school extracurricular classes that inspire their individual interests from math and sciences to sports and art.

Encouraging children to stay active and have fun learning throughout the summer is possible when you find the best Montessori Summer Camp Katy offers. With a special emphasis on culture, students are immersed in different activities that allow them to learn about music, art, history, and the people who live around the globe.

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Multi-age Classrooms

MHFC and Elementary School’s students enjoy the benefits of multi-age classrooms in Katy which allows students to work at their own pace, progress naturally without boundaries, and provide opportunities to both give and receive peer mentoring.

Art and Science Integrated Into Curriculum

Our curriculum integrates art and science learning methods with experimental, hands-on learning opportunities producing a Montessori curriculum that Katy families appreciate.

Extensive Garden Program and Outdoor Classrooms

MHFC and Elementary School includes an extensive garden program with outdoor learning spaces for additional environmental studies Montessori School Katy students enjoy.

Culturally Rich and Diverse Community

MHFC and Elementary School provides Katy children with a culturally rich and diverse community. Families from around the globe are drawn to our inclusiveness and appreciation for the many cultures represented and they are invited to share their stories, history in the classrooms.

Healthy Lunches and Snacks

Our Katy students continue to learn in and out of the classroom at MHFC and Elementary School. Students are introduced to the nutritional-value of food choices with healthy lunch and snack options and participate in the growing, harvesting, and eating the vegetables, fruits, and herbs they have prepared.

Strong Family and Community Connections

We proudly connect with the Katy Montessori community by organizing events that provide families the opportunity to come together. Parent coffees, speaker events, picnics, and meet-ups all provide a social connection. Socializing outside of school and volunteering in school activities also helps Montessori School Katy parents maintain involvement in their child’s learning.

Accreditation for The Montessori School in Katy, TX

Montessori School Richmond MACTE Recognition


MACTE has set the international standard for Montessori teacher education. MHFC and Elementary School hires only Lead Guides who are trained through MACTE approved training centers such as our Montessori school Katy team.
Montessori School Richmond AMS Pathway

American Montessori Society

The American Montessori Society is the world’s leading organization advocating for Montessori teacher education and progressive education policy. Montessori House for Children (MHFC) and Elementary School have earned a membership level reserved for schools that have MACTE teachers in all their classes.

Montessori School Richmond Eco-Schools Logo


Eco-Schools involve the belief in the proactive engagement of one’s environment by encouraging young people to protect it. Along with Eco-Schools, we believe that change begins in the classroom and eventually fosters change in a community like Katy TX.