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Montessori House for Children and Elementary School is passionate about serving families in the Richmond area. Our proven Montessori learning method allows students to assume ownership and accountability for their own education. Outdoor classrooms, emotional intelligence building, and individualized learning define our standard of excellence.


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Montessori School Richmond Parent Outlook

Montessori School Richmond Programing

The first few years of your child’s life are all about exploration and absorption of the world around them. MHFC prepares children with a strong social and academic foundation, that Richmond families have grown to trust. Our curriculum centers on the joy of self-guided learning. The MHFC program aligns with the developmental stages of each child as they progress from toddler years to early childhood years. When looking for your child’s first educational experience, you should compare programs, teaching credentials, and learning environments, to recognize the difference between a conventional daycare and an established Montessori School.

Our Montessori House Elementary School continues from the early childhood years into grades 1 through 6. The large naturally lit classroom with adjoining gardens and activity areas offers a tranquil learning environment that sparks creativity and freedom to work at a student’s own pace. Richmond students work independently and collaboratively in intentionally designed “hands-on” classes. Explore our dual-language and mixed-age learning labs’ in the Richmond area today!

Here at MHFC and Elementary School, we proudly offer an authentic Montessori online school in Richmond. Through a structured and customized curriculum, Richmond area students gain access to indoor learning and outdoor, physical activities available for all ages with our distance learning Montessori program.

Dual-language education is in high demand throughout the Richmond area. Early exposure helps students quickly pick up and maintain languages. We are proud to provide Spanish education and more to our Richmond families with our dual-language MHFC and Elementary School.

Our Richmond MHFC and Elementary School after-school enrichment programs provide children the opportunity to explore new interests and stay active. Whether that be a sport, the arts, math activities, or exploration of the sciences, there are many affordable opportunities for Richmond families!

Attend the Montessori summer camp Richmond families love! Following cultural themes, students journey through a wide variety of learning experiences in cooking, music, and inhabitants of the region they are exploring. Students also get to enjoy presentations and performances from local Richmond groups and businesses. Ages 6-12 are welcome to enroll!

Is the Montessori Approach right for your child?

Your Montessori School Richmond Solution

Multi-age Classrooms

Our Montessori multi-age classroom in Richmond allows your student the freedom to learn at their own pace. MHFC and Elementary classrooms remove pressure and prioritize healthy learning environments.

Art and Science Integrated Into Curriculum

Integrated education recognizes the individualized needs of Richmond students. Children retain more knowledge and better engage in learning with our Montessori school curriculum.

Extensive Garden Program and Outdoor Classrooms

Richmond outdoor classrooms help move students outside and provide the ability to interact with nature. Our Montessori education values building a healthy relationship with nature.

Culturally Rich and Diverse Community

We are blessed by the wide diversity of the families who come to our MHFC and Elementary School. Cultural celebrations and International days help staff, students, and parents learn and celebrate each other.

Healthy Lunches and Snacks

MHFC and Elementary School recognize that learning time includes lunchtime! We offer a chance to learn about healthy, balanced meals as part of our well-rounded Richmond Montessori education. Students in every grade level learn to garden, grow their own vegetables and herbs, and harvest them to add to snacks or prepare special food samples.

Strong Family and Community Connections

Building and connecting our Richmond Montessori community is a key part of our mission. Communication platforms and community events help connect MHFC and Elementary School parents to other Richmond families and school faculty.

Accreditation for The Montessori School in Richmond, TX

Montessori School Richmond MACTE Recognition


MACTE is the internationally recognized Montessori education accreditation body. Founded in 1995, MACTE provides quality Montessori accreditation for educators and programming such as our Montessori school Richmond team.
Montessori School Richmond AMS Pathway

American Montessori Society

Our level of membership in the American Montessori Society (AMS) requires that all classrooms lead teachers to hold Montessori credentials for the level(s) they are teaching.
Montessori School Richmond Eco-Schools Logo


Eco-Schools is the largest international sustainable education program. MHFC and Elementary School encourage students to apply sustainable values in and outside of the classroom.