Private School Cost & Tuition at Montessori House

Education is an investment in your child’s future- where quality matters most. 

Tuition for childcare, preschool, or Montessori School (with varying levels of AMS recognition) is directly related to cost. Consequently, the price reflects the quality of the service and product your child receives. 

The Value of Montessori Tuition

Montessori tuition provides the following to your child:

Montessori House for Children & Elementary School is well- established and highly regarded within the Montesorri community, with over 20-years of experience in Montessori Education.

We offer students an extraordinary learning experience. Our faculty of degreed, Montessori credentialed, and experienced teachers are passionately committed to cultivating the greatest potential within each student. Our philosophy and practice is grounded in Montessori- a proven and highly successful educational system.

Our students are exceptionally well-rounded, with achievements in responsible leadership, independent thinking, creative problem-solving, compassionate, empathy, and resiliency. These skills are not only beneficial within our community, but they are necessary for personal fulfillment and future success.

Such benefits are well worth our collective investment.

Ultimately, the school’s culture should align with your family’s values and educational goals. When these are aligned, you are then able to make financial decisions.

Would you like more detail regarding the cost of a private school Montessori education?

Schedule a tour by clicking the link below. During your school overview, we will find out more about your child, their needs, and answer any questions you have about our school and educational approach.