Summer Camp

Summer Camp FUN

Summer is always an exciting time of year, with special emphasis on culture!  Students find immense joy in learning about history, art, language, music, dance, food, architecture, wildlife and cultural celebrations from around the globe.  

Mixed in with cultural studies, we offer fun & educational ‘in-house’ field trips/presentations as well as  pajama, silly sock, crazy hair and splash days!

Summer Camp Programs

Early Childhood Camp (ages 3-6 yrs): 

Join us for a fun and fascinating summer as we learn about different cultures from around the world! We will explore traditions, celebrations, music, foods, clothing, history, landmarks, architecture, and the arts from countries across the globe.

Elementary Camp (ages 6-12 yrs.):

Our  Summer Camp program is based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Developmental Goals.  In 2015, at a UN Assembly, a ‘blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all was set into place with the establishment of 17 SGD’s (Sustainable Developmental Goals) that are intended to be achieved by 2030. 

Our school shares the belief that our children are a primary engine for positive change; they are Earth’s global problem solvers, and as such we would like to dedicate this summer program to learn about the United Nations’ 17 Goals.  

Daily activities center on learning through fun, thought-provoking, and engaging activities (stories, discussions, presentations, theme-based art, activities, and games; finishing each with students presenting their ideas/solutions to our global challenge and goal of the week. 

 We also have special presentations and activities planned:

  • Percussions – Music Instruments from Around the Globe by Cassio Duarte 
  • Urban Wildlife by the TX Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center
  • Team Builders Field-Day by Champ Express

Toddler Summer Options

Our Toddler Summer Program follows the academic program, with more opportunities for water activities, outdoor exploration, and gardening.