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The Montessori Difference: What To Know When Choosing A School for Your Child

Are you looking for a school for your child? You may be toggling between preschool or daycare, private or public, or possible you don’t know where to start! There is one thing that is for sure among the slew of school choices, and that is what we call ” the Montessori difference.” Let me explain…

Our present system of public compulsory education was instituted 150 years ago to train farm workers for industry.  For that time in our country (or in any country whose people are moving from an agrarian life for the city), it accomplished exactly what it set out to do – train workers for jobs in factories.

Flash forward to the 21st century.  Where are the factory jobs now and what careers will be available for our children 15 years out?  It is very likely that occupations 15 years from now have not been invented yet.  How do we prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world?

Dr. Maria Montessori observed in the early 20th century, that learning needs to be from the “inside out”.  The child is the creator of himself.  The purpose of education should be to draw out what is already within.  Allowing this uniqueness of each person to unfold requires embracing a belief and faith in the child’s ability to learn because they are inquisitive beings driven by a zest for discovery.  It is how we all began!

Continuing this path of self-construction beyond pre-school, into elementary, adolescent and high school, takes a bold and courageous decision on the part of those who are supporting young learners.  It may even take sacrifice.  It is providing a gift, a pre-inheritance of sorts, in the form of education that will last a lifetime.

This learning gives evidence without test scores.  It is accomplished without hours of homework and it is driven by curiosity not prodding.  It is a method that continues fulfilling them in the ways they learned to fulfill themselves in their very first years of life.  In the first three years, humans learn more than at any other time in their life!

The possibilities of what can result if more and more people experience learning at their own pace, doing the things they love and discovering their particular area of brilliance are delightful to imagine and completely possible.

I encourage you to visit an authentic Montessori school soon- There is nothing like it!

Do you live in the Richmond/ Houston/ Katy, TX area? Schedule a school tour today!

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