Afterschool Enrichment

We find tremendous value in providing high-quality afterschool enrichment opportunities to our students. Our extracurricular providers are carefully selected and conduct classes that are in line with the Montessori philosophy. Whether your child desires to learn a new language, play an instrument, participate in a sport or in the arts, we offer a variety of affordable enrichment opportunities for all to enjoy.

Early Childhood Extracurriculars:

Monday:       Music & Movement  & Puppetry/Story Telling

Tuesday:       Challenge Island (STEM) & Soccer Shots

Wednesday:  Express Yourself (Art) & Capoeira

Thursday:      Gym-Tastics & Yoga

Elementary Extracurriculars:

Monday:          Capoeira

Tuesday:          Spanish Immersion

Wednesday:    Yoga & Challenge Island (STEM)

*for more information, contact [email protected]

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