Take Two Back to School 2021

Back to School 2021 Take Two

School Year with Covid – take TWO.  Yes, it feels like we’re in a Grade B movie trying again to get the scene right. Trouble is, this “Back to School 2021” movie keeps changing actors, plots, locations, and endings. Getting to the finale of this movie is going to be tough, but along the way, we are learning a lot about life.

Lessons Learned:

  • Even though we are all different, we want the same things
  • Young children will wear masks “because we care about each other”
  • We can’t get stuck – if situations change we rise and change course
  • A hamburger in a neighborhood pocket park is our new ‘night out’
  • You can graduate high school, have a birthday, throw a baby shower and retire, all with a line of cars, signs, and balloons
  • It is possible to work 6 ft. apart from your neighbor
  • There is a ‘Covid hug’ and it feels good to use it
  • “I washed my hands after I came out of the bathroom” is no longer our minimum standard 
  • Many have not needed to buy pants for a year
  • But, we have all needed to buy Insta-Pots
  • Even masked up, your eyes will tell everyone you are smiling
  • Day trips in our cars are looking pretty good to us now, cruises, not so much

How to Thrive for Back to School 2021

We don’t know the ending of this Covid Movie, how we’ll get there, or how many times the plot will change. But we trust in the ability of the human spirit to find ways to not just endure but to thrive.  In the early days of Covid, we ‘gifted’ hard-to-get toilet paper. We switched to gluten-free diets because we not only couldn’t find bread but couldn’t find flour to make it.  Now we willingly stuff long Q Tips up our nose and take every precaution to keep ourselves and our children in a safe bubble. Together we participate in this movie and take it to the final credits. Your names will be in those credits – you deserve an Oscar!

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