Dual-Language Program

“The development of language is part of the development of  the personality, for words are the natural means of expressing thoughts and establishing understanding between people.”

Dr. Maria Montessori


Dual language education programs are in high demand for good reason. Children pick up and maintain languages more readily when they are exposed to it at a younger age.

Montessori education is our school’s primary focus. And that education is enhanced by our dual-language programs.  Each community, Toddler, Early Childhood and Elementary, offers exposure to multiple languages. Spanish is our primary second language.  

Toddler Community

Our toddler community is rich with vocabulary!  Toddler aged children are in a period of development that thrives upon the acquisition of language.  During this unique period of time, children develop vocabulary and comprehend the meaning of words, from any spoken language!  Guides in our toddler community speak interchangeably, between English and their native language; primarily English and Spanish.

Early Childhood Community

Children of our Early Childhood community are exposed to all the different languages of our guides.   The Montessori curriculum is presented in English, by the lead guide, and assistant guides communicate with children using their native language, which could consist of Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, etc. (depending on classroom placement).  Additionally, Spanish class begins at the Early Childhood level, occurring weekly, during community group time. Spanish class is taught by a native Spanish speaker and offers an introduction to vocabulary, songs and literature.

Elementary Community

Spanish and English are the two primary languages of the Elementary Community.  Lessons with the Montessori materials are presented primarily in English (with exception of the Spanish language materials), and guides converse primarily in Spanish.  All guides are bilingual in English and Spanish, with Spanish being their native language. Additionally, Spanish class is included in the weekly “specials” schedule, in addition to PE, Art, Music and Nature Education.