Montessori House Environmental Education

Montessori House places great emphasis on nature and environmental education. The school is distinguished through nature education programs, which include:

  • Certified Schoolyard Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation
  • Eco-School (silver level) through ECO Schools USA
  • Registered Monarch Butterfly Waystation
  • Katy Prairie Conservancy membership – with “pocket prairies” on grounds
  • Member of National Registry of Monarch Butterflies
  • Organic garden learning program where students prepare, plant, water and harvest their own herbs and vegetables.

Outdoor environments are viewed as an extension of the classroom – where curiosity flourishes and drives learning. The Montessori curriculum includes botany, ecology, geography and science; all of which are interrelated and present in nature.  Students at Montessori House for Children have at least two designated 30-minute periods of outdoor free time, which includes garden work.

The Elementary students may choose to work inside or outside, have at least 2 designated 30-minute periods of outdoor free time (including garden work), and have lunch outside every day (under the covered patio).

Below are the “Seven Steps to Success” that our students and school community have implemented to be recognized by the ECO Schools USA as a silver-level Eco-School.