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Montessori-Inspired Summer Activities for Toddlers to Elementary Age Children: Nurturing Independence and Exploration

Summer is a fantastic time for children to embark on exciting adventures and connect with the world around them. As parents and caregivers, we have a special chance to introduce Montessori-inspired activities that promote independence, curiosity, and a genuine love for learning for your children from toddler to Elementary aged.. In our toddler  and elementary programs at Montessori House for Children and Elementary School, we focus on a child-centered approach that nurtures their curiosity through exciting outdoor explorations such as digging for worms, planting flowers, and observing butterflies and birds. Alongside that, we take on the responsibility of setting our lunch table, enjoying meals together, cleaning our dishes, tending to plants, and expanding our vocabulary.  

Here are a few summer activities inspired by the Montessori method that you can do with your little ones. These activities not only encourage their independence but also ignite their natural desire to explore! 

 Water Play 

Water play is a favorite summer activity for toddlers and beyond. Kids of all ages love to play with and in water!  Set up a small outdoor water station with buckets, cups, and various containers. Allow your child to explore pouring and transferring water, developing their fine motor skills and concentration. Add some floating objects or water-safe toys to enhance the sensory experience. Supervise your child closely and let them discover the wonders of water while keeping cool in the summer heat.


Engaging in gardening activities with children not only introduces them to the wonders of nature but also teaches them responsibility and patience. Your kids from toddler to twelve will enjoy gardening at home just like the do at school.   Provide child-sized gardening tools and let them plant seeds, water plants, and observe their growth. Encourage them to touch the soil, smell the flowers, and appreciate the beauty of nature. Gardening fosters a sense of ownership and care for the environment, while also developing their motor skills and nurturing their connection with the natural world. 

Work Around the House 

Another Montessori inspired activity for your kids this summer is helping out around the house. Practical life skills are in alignment with Montessori education’s foundation and we emphasize the importance of practical life skills, even for toddlers.  Summer is an excellent time to involve your little ones in simple household tasks. Allow them to help with setting the table, wiping spills, or folding laundry (small items like washcloths). These activities promote independence, coordination, and a sense of responsibility. Although it may take longer to complete tasks with their help, the sense of accomplishment and confidence they gain are invaluable. 

Nature Walks 

Take your kids on nature walks to explore the outdoor world. Encourage them to observe and interact with their surroundings. Collect leaves, rocks, or flowers, and discuss their colors, textures, and shapes. Use simple language to describe what they see and let them express their curiosity. These walks provide opportunities for sensory experiences, language development, and connection with the natural environment. 

 Sensory Bins 

Finally, create sensory bins filled with various materials like sand, rice, dried beans, or even ice cubes. Add scoops, small containers, and toys to promote exploration and sensory stimulation. Sensory bins allow kids toddler aged and older to refine their fine motor skills, practice pouring and scooping, and engage in imaginative play. Rotate the materials regularly to keep the activities fresh and exciting. 

This summer, embrace the Montessori approach to some fun and exciting activities for your children and and watch them thrive. By providing opportunities for independence, exploration, and engagement with the world around them, you are nurturing their natural love for learning and supporting their overall development. Remember to adapt the activities to your child’s individual abilities and interests. Enjoy the summer together as you embark on a journey of discovery and growth with your toddlers, young elementary and older elementary aged children! 

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