Montessori education is based on self-paced learning in a carefully prepared environment. The curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child: his/her physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs. Specialized concrete and sequential didactic materials are used. These materials are attractive, self-correcting and guide the child to engage in self-directed, purposeful and active learning.

Children remain in the same community for three- four years at a time. This cultivates a classroom community built upon strong bonds of trust, shared experience and friendship.

Our Communities

We offer 3  programs in tune with the distinct periods of development identified by Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori classes are structured around natural stages of development rather than traditional grade level structuring. This affords each student the opportunity to work on different levels of difficulty depending on the child’s skills and interests, rather than being restricted by artificial grade level barriers.


Children get an opportunity to serve as role models and help others through peer teaching and partner work. This promotes self-worth as well as community pride. At each level, the children are expected to carry through with age-appropriate responsibilities which include caring for personal possessions, the classroom and the total community.

Our Guides

Each environment has been prepared by a specifically trained and certified Montessori Guide. The Guide chooses materials that meet the needs of each individual child and that facilitate exploration, discovery, practice and independence. The Guide’s role in the community is to follow and observe the child; discovering his or her needs and interests as they are revealed. The Guide also offers assistance in a way that helps the child be self-sufficient.

We also offer:

  • Dual Language Program (Spanish is the primary second language)
  • Nature Education
  • Afterschool Extracurricular Programs
  • Educational and FUN Summer Program and “mini-camps